The Kingdom of Avanga has for generations lived in peace with its neighbors, largely untouched by wars of conquest waged by the surrounding petty kingdoms and empires. Stout soldiers and a network of sturdy fortresses are the primary means to discourage invaders, however the lasting freedom of Avanga rests on its spiritual strength and the fierce determination of its people to live in accordance with their sacred beliefs.

The most important dictum of the Avangan people is their belief in asylum and the harboring in safety of anyone who petitions for relief. The ages-old “Code of Asylum” applies even to enemies who beg for protection: their pleas for shelter must be recognized and honored.

The second most important dictum of the Avangan people is the “Code of Revenge” that demands any mortal injury be repaid to the aggressor in pain, misery, and death a thousand times over. Adherence to this code has warned away larger kingdoms from risking an apocalyptic conflict.

And what happens when the Code of Asylum conflicts with the Code of Revenge? How can the need to protect an enemy be reconciled with the need to destroy him? That will be your question to decide…


Imperial Fomalhaunt is the first nation in ages to launch a full-scale invasion of the Kingdom of Avanga. Fomalhaunt is led by the enigmatic Nexxus, a warlord of singular ambition and bloodthirsty temperament. He seeks to conquer the known world and remake its societies in his own ruthless and violent image.

Nexxus has gathered other nations beneath his banner, inspiring their loyalty with a simple, grim threat: “You are either with us, or against us. Decide and live by the consequences of your fate.” For those nations that refuse to join, those consequences include utter annihilation. Now, only Avanga stands in the way of ultimate triumph… but for how much longer?